In April 1984, the need had arisen to support people with developmental disabilities in and around Roane County with means other than public funding. A core group of volunteers, including family members and concerned citizens in the community, chartered the Roane County Trust for the Developmentally Disabled through the State of Tennessee legislature.

Realizing the geographically restricting name, the Board of Directors voted to change the name to the Michael Dunn Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled in July of that same year. Since then, the Michael Dunn Foundation has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for people with special needs, particularly in support of the programs of Michael Dunn Center.
Board of Directors
– 2015 –
Debbie Alexander-Davis
Ron Blanchard
Ted Bowers
Kent Calfee
Barbara Capell
Gail Christian
Jim Conway
Bill Fowler
Bill Leuking
Wayne Tipps
(Foundation Board Chair)
Jim Pinkerton
Lana Seivers
Harriett Westmoreland
Chris Whaley
Ken Yager
Key to the day to day operations of Michael Dunn Center is the Foundation's management of assets and real estate. The Foundation owns twenty one separate properties and facilities that are utilized by Michael Dunn Center programs.

The Michael Dunn Foundation also manages a portfolio of stocks, bonds, annuities and other investments that provide a safety net for Michael Dunn Center programs should public funding sources fail, or when facilities are in critical need of repair or maintenance. With the great uncertainty of public funding and Michael Dunn Center's eleven million dollar a year budget, the Foundation's asset management has become an essential element to the daily service of people with special needs.

Equally important to asset management is the Foundation's commitment to meaningful fundraising. Through Planned Giving, Special Events, Ongoing Financial Support, Volunteer Opportunities, and Grant Procurement, the long term vision of the Foundation to raise significant funds is vital to the future success of Michael Dunn Center's mission.

The Legacy Society
In 2010, the Michael Dunn Foundation developed its Legacy Society to honor those who have made significant lifetime financial contributions to the Foundation and/or to support the programs of Michael Dunn Center.  Membership in the Legacy Society means that a donor’s cumulative donations have totaled greater than $10,000.

As of November 7, 2013, the total contributions from all members of the Legacy Society were greater than $750,000.  This is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the compassion and dedication of all inductees of the Michael Dunn Foundation Legacy Society.

The members of the Michael Dunn Foundation Legacy Society are:

Gail & Jerry Christian
Mac & Aileen McElhinney
In Memory of
Albert Clark
Doris Clark
In Memory of
Donald Brown
by the late
Aunt Sarah Coram
Jim & Condra
Knights of Columbus
Council 8273
The Seivers Family:
James (Jiggs) & Frankie
Larry & Sally
Charles (Bones) & Bettye
(over $100,000)
Martin & Dorothy Skinner
Ron & Vicki Blanchard

Legacy Society Photo 1

Legacy Society Photo 2

Please take time to learn how your desire to help improve the lives of people in need can be fulfilled by partnering with us to support the programs of Michael Dunn Center.